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York Region Public Health had long offered free health services to residents of York Region, but the public barely used the services because it had no idea who York Region Public Health was or what the division did. The healthcare provider was internally fragmented – four departments ran independently of each other, with inconsistent messaging and visual DNA, confusing the public and rendering YRPH invisible.


  • Bold “Who Cares?” concept was a juxtaposition to how much YRPH cares for the community

  • The boldness set the personality’s tone of voice

  • Life size spokesperson (Regi) was proposed to bring to life strong approachable brand recognition

  • An integrated geo- and behavioral-targeted campaign was developed

  • Photography taken in well-known locations of community for community to create a sense of familiarity

  • A combination of traditional and emerging media was crafted to effectively reach all age groups

York Region.png


  • A united YRPH launched an ongoing brand campaign into the market

  • Increased public engagement

  • Increased service usage by 15%

  • Bolstered awareness for services and YRPH


Target audience – women 18+  •  Secondary – adults 18+  •  Radio – News Talk & Pop  •  Transit – Reaching Broad Demographic  •  Bus Shelter Takeovers  •  Movie Theaters  •  Tim Hortons TV  •  Online Banners  •  Pre-roll video 15-30  •  Facebook newsfeed – Older skewing  •  Instagram – younger skewing


Mohawk Park established in 1963, needed to develop an environmental design aesthetic for Woodbine Racetrack to rebrand the venue and elevate customer interaction to a "New Breed of Experience". 

Create a customer-centric design throughout the Woodbine venue to deliver a dynamic end-to-end customer experience. 

NEW main entrance header


previous entrance way 

Woodbine Interior.jpg



creative / design / graphics

Photography limited: installation completed just prior to Covid 19 pandemic. We have not been able to enter Canada
since then to photograph completed work.  Woodbine was required to close its facilities during the pandemic which put a hold on completion of design. We hope to finish in 2022.

Mohawk Chef Flag.jpg


  • Revitalizing the Mohawk brand by establishing a family-friendly atmosphere with bright lights, exciting & tastefully contemporary designs. Bold tones create flow from the entrance to the trackside bar and patio. Gone are the Art Deco stereotypical racetrack graphics. To satisfy todays immediate gratification society we needed to implement responsive marketing efforts. Pure, high-energy uncomplicated excitement was needed to change the off-track experience.

  • Stand alone Kiosk betting stations to be placed in key hi-viz traffic areas.  

  • New restaurant experience with farm-to-table menu at the Mohawk Harvest Kitchen to entice family dinning. 

  • Revised food and beverage stations proposed Mohawk Brand Craft Beer.

  • Customer support areas through way-finding kiosks, even the flags in the parking lots were re-designed.


Nutrition House is Canada's leading Natural Health Product franchise. Founded in 1979 as a family business, NH began franchising in 1993, extending our commitment to the health of Canadians nationwide. Today, NH operates over 45 retail stores, located in high profile shopping centres across Canada, and in the USA.

Their products include national brands of vitamins, supplements, body care and sports nutrition products, as well as exclusive nutrition house extra products, and co-branded extra-value products, packaged exclusively for nutrition house by national brand suppliers.

Nutrition House and TMC / INCITE group was tasked with providing vendors national exposure to secure competitive pricing, while giving franchise stores support by driving local store traffic. The drastically changing competitive landscape shrank media budgets as vendors allocated their dollar commitments to big box stores, large national grocery chains and online efforts. 


  • Developed smaller campaigns to provide vendors with cost-efficient (smaller investment) digital programs that met national reach requirements 

  • Developed numerous campaigns to provide NH with consistent in-market presence throughout the year 

  • Purchased social media and online geo-targeted to store locations, meeting national reach requirement, while driving local store traffic for franchisees 

  • Created a community of followers, (target audience - Women age 30-50) averaging a 24.07% (OR) open rate over all online campaigns 

digital programs



  • Created a community of followers averaging a 24.07 (OR) over all campaigns 

  • Over 5.5 million impressions / 60 campaigns 

  • ASK US HOW campaign produced over 3 million impressions

  • Healthy Perspective campaign measured 14.34% email open rate / 2.20% CTR

  • Digital flyers 12.7 open rate / 12.2% CTR

Catalina Health.jpg

Catalina Health provides big pharma companies with a very targeted approach to reach their exclusive audience. Catalina Health targets health consumers at the pharmacy level, so they can encourage them to adhere to their medication. 

Big pharma can also cross promote by targeting health consumers (for example) that suffer from a heart condition with a new and improved prescription.

Consumer Packaged Goods can cross promote at the pharmacy level by promoting low fat snacks to those with heart conditions. Catalina Health has the data and insights so that brands can pin point their marketing. You can’t get better targeting.


Market research confirmed that the Catalina Health Resource (CHR) 
brand is perceived as dated and irrelevant.


The audience clearly wants Catalina to:

  • Be more innovative

  • Improve its technology

  • Enhance overall value

  • Become more consultative

Here’s how they feel about your brand:

… some messages are getting stale…

… lack ‘attention-gettingness’…

… kind of static and boring…

… look is too subdued and should be jazzed up…

… some of it feels antiquated…

Catalina Booth.jpg


This rebrand positioned Catalina Health as a knowledgeable guide 
ready to lead clients down the path of discovery and enlightenment 
to help them engage brilliantly with health consumers. 
It evokes powerful feelings of trust, wisdom, insight and the 
promise of good things to come.

What make this concept especially compelling is the symbiotic relationship between things created in nature and those made 
by man. The man-made lights make the path through the dim woods more visible. Catalina Health can draw the same parallel. Utilizing 
a man-made database with over 150 million household IDs, Catalina provides illuminating insights into health consumers that enables highly-personalized messaging to spark positive changes in 
human behavior. 



LinkedIn video ads

• Catalina Strategy

• Brand Campaign & Creative

• Revitalized Website

• New Mobile Component

• Video Challenge 

• E-mail campaign
• Online Ads in all the market pubs

• New product digital literature

• Tradeshow booths redesign, large and small

• Press release kits

• Social media 

• LinkedIn video campaign

• Publication ownership

• Launch video with custom music


PR Kit / Lightbox

Video E-blast

Website relaunch


what we knew

Ansell Micro-Touch NitraFree Exam Glove

  • Saturated, commodity exam glove market

  • Higher price point than competition - Ansell quality & reputation

  • 100% Nitrile (latex & powder free) 

  • Pink exam glove for breast cancer 


product launch strategy

  • Giving Back
    - Partner with Susan G. Koman for the Cure
    - Money donated for every case sold


  • Leverage emotional connection with nurses
    - It’s not about the product, it’s about their commitment
    - Develop a community of followers


  • Launch the “Power of Pink Campaign” at biggest trade show of the year - AORN in Anaheim, California { 7 weeks away }


the campaign 


  • Aggressive print campaign in major trade publications

  • Online campaign asking nurses to lend a hand in support through social media

  • Educational website with ability to post support online and donate to the cause

  • Initiate the power of pink community by involving them at AORN show (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses)

ANSELL-I Wear the Glove.png
Ansell PinkGloveAd.jpg
Ansell-Power of Pink- Nitrile Glove

Campaign Ad launch

  • Preshow mailer to attendees and repetitive e-blasts, & social involvement promoting the campaign, asking for support by personalizing glove hand and posting it to our “wall of empowerment”

  • For every glove posted on our wall, Ansell will donate $1 to Susan G. Koman for the Cure

  • Ansell will donate a minimum of $25,000 dollars

  • Custom pins were given out for show of support

  • Create a Community 


  • Over 2000 hands posted out of 3200 attendees


  • Ansell’s community of followers a success

  • Sales force network increased by 20%

  • Sales receiving emails and phone calls commenting on how this support effected hospital staff - Brand Success!

  • Largest orders ever generated at AORN.
    Campaign contribution, over $125,000

62.5% participation


Tradeshow: wall of empowerment


Preshow mailer

imac mac computer.jpg

Online product website

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